Burners - American Fireglass

Fire glass burners are an extremely stylish and efficient way to light up a fire glass display worth remembering.

Beautifully designed and steel constructed, our burners are guaranteed to impress all onlookers with their brilliant and uniform flame. Extremely durable, they are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather without sustaining any damage or color loss.

We carry a complete set of high quality burners and burner accessories for both outdoor and indoor environments. Our range of products includes: fire pit pans, fire pit rings, H-burners, pan burners, vent-free burners and burner kits. All are available for both natural gas and propane applications.

Encourage your customers to replace those outdated ceramic logs with something stunning and new. Introduce them to an American Fireglass burner set today!

Fireplace Pan Burners

A pan burner is an excellent way to not only enjoy a fire glass display, but also to upgrade an old fireplace giving it a distinctly modern look.

Our pan burners are available in two lovely varieties: elegant paramount and ultra-stylish stainless steel.

All our rectangular pan burners offer extremely clean and efficient heating with no harmful emissions. Each comes with a whistle free flex line and fittings for both propane and natural gas; and the burner ports are drilled, ensuring whistle-free operating. The sides are sloped, giving the pan burners an even more chic look.

All our pan burners are made from high quality steel giving which allows them to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without rusting or corroding. This also means that they can be used both indoors and outdoors!

Our pan burners come in several colors, shapes and sizes, so do recommend the one that best fits the internal dimensions of your fireplace. Installation is easy!

Natural Gas & Propane H-Burners

A flame dancing and glistening on fire glass in a warm fireplace is truly a sight to behold, but in order to get the most appealing look from this display, you need a high quality H-burner.

An H-burner ensures that the flames in your fireplace (or firepit) are realistic, yet evenly distributed in a line.

American Fireglass' H-burners are made of high grade stainless steel which ensures their durability under extreme heat and severe weather conditions. This also means that they can be used both outdoors and indoors. The H-burner works best under 2 - 4 inches of fire glass.

Our H-burners are available in both natural gas and propane varieties and also come in several sizes so you should choose the size that best fits the internal dimensions of your fireplace or fire pit. Intallation is easy!

Fire Pit Burner Kits - American Fireglass

In order to really set up an outdoor fire glass display worth remembering, your customers will need the right apparatus; and the most important piece of equipment they will need is a high quality fire pit burner kit!

American Fireglass is the industry leader when it comes to fire glass, thus our fire pit kits are naturally of the finest quality as well as the best value for your customers' money. We carry three different types of fire pit kits to suit your customers' needs:

Electronic ignition
Spark ignition
Match light ignition

Each fire pit kit comes equipped with a 100% stainless steel fire pit pan, a 304 grade stainless steel fire pit burner and all the accessories your customers will need to complete their awesome fire glass display. In case they need any replacement parts, we also carry complete fire pit installation kits for each type of fire pit kit.

No Fire Pit? No Worries!

What happens if your customers wants to throw a spectacular fire glass display, but they don't have a fire pit?

Not to worry! We also carry a lovely assortment of fire pit bowls just for this purpose! Available in both glass and stone finish, these multi-colored, heat resistant fire bowls come complete with a burner ring and match light ignition mechanism. Our beautiful fire bowls will not fail to impress all onlookers!nlookers!