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January 21, 2017

Grand Canyon Gas Logs


Arizona Weathered Oak

The Arizona Weathered Oak is Grand Canyon Gas Logs premier set of gas logs. The Arizona Weathered Oak logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring the natural beauty of the log to life. All of our products tell a story, and the story behind the creation of this set is no different. Forty years ago, a young boy was hiking through the Red Vermilion Cliffs on the Arizona-Utah border, when he and his family came across a scrub oak that had been struck down by Mother Nature. The sheer awe and beauty of this lighting struck oak would leave a lifelong impression on the young boys mind. In October of 2011 the scrub oak was rediscovered laying in the same spot that it had been 40 years earlier and was more beautiful than ever. The boy, now a man with a family of his own, backpacked the logs of the fallen oak out of the canyon to be enjoyed in your home today.

2 Burner

3 Burner

Arizona Charred Oak

The Arizona Charred Oak collection brings new style and beauty to the Native Series. Like all other collections created by Grand Canyon Gas Logs craftsmen, these logs are cast from real pieces of wood and then hand painted to perfection. However, this collection has an extra step added into the process. After the front logs are found, our craftsmen notch the center of the log and then set the log on fire. The fire burns through the log creating the most desired charred front. Once the logs are cooled, our craftsmen create the mold capturing the charred ends. This process would not be complete without our artist who brings life back into the cast logs, painting them to create a look as if they were burned in your own fireplace. This process is repeated for all 5 sizes, making each front log unique to the set that it resides in.

Arizona Juniper

The Arizona Juniper log set is part of the Grand Canyon Gas Logs three native collections. The Arizona Juniper logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring to life the natural beauty of the log. The logs in the Arizona Juniper collection were discovered in the back woods of Arizona’s pine enriched forest of Northern Arizona. While hiking through the forest our log hunters found fallen juniper trees with distinctive characteristics like no other junipers in the area. Realizing that they had found something special our log hunters gathered up as many logs as they could to begin building the log sets. Each log was handpicked for the collection that it resides in and resembles the log that it was cast from as it was laying on the forest floor.

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3 Burner

Arizona Aspen

The Quaking Aspen is part of Grand Canyon Gas Logs three native collections. The Quaking Aspen logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring to life the natural beauty. Like the Arizona Juniper collection the logs for the Quaking Aspen were discovered in the backwoods of the Northern Arizona Forest. The name Quaking Aspen comes from the appearance of the Aspen tree when the wind is blowing. The leaves of the tree are attached to the branches with a long petiole; this allows even the faintest of breezes to cause the leaves to flutter. The fluttering effect gives the appearance that the Aspen is “Quaking” or “Trembling” hence the name Quaking Aspen. The detail in the casting and painting by our craftsman are second none.

Mountain Split Oak

The Mountain Split Oak built by Grand Canyon Gas Logs is one of two great options for the contractors and builders of the market. This economically priced collection balances great look with great prices. The Mountain Split Oak is Grand Canyon Gas Logs most versatile set of logs within our line up. The reason that this line is so versatile is that all of the logs are able to be displayed two ways. Customers have the ability to showcase the barky back of the log or the fleshy split middle of the log as if the logs were cut right in half. Being able to display the logs two ways give our customers the ability to create their own custom look of logs. The Mountain Split Oak logs are built the same way as our famous native series with individually cast logs and then hand painted by our master craftsman.

Western Oak

The Western Oak is the second of our 2 great builders series options. This Builder's Series balances great looks with a great priced set. The Western Oak is our best bark look in the Builders Series. These hand cast and hand painted logs will look like that were just picked up off the forest floor and thrown in your fireplace. The array of colors allows for greater detail in the bark pattern.